Keva Industries Products List with Price 2022 PDF Download

Keva Industries Products List with Price 2022 PDF Download Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company is laid as one of the most trusted brand name & a empire in Healthcare sector in India with a dominant network footmark contouring as one of the arising Natural Healthcare company indeed since its commencement backed by a strong track record of invention.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd is a legal business opportunity and it follows Direct Selling norms as per Govt. of India. It has been granted multitudinous nationally & internationally accredited certificates, approvals & awards.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd is always in the observatory for the betterment of the community & extending its maximum support towards the enhancement of the society through its large & organized structure, excellent marketing & distribution model.

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Keva Industries Products List

About Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd is an Indian Direct Selling Company which was started in 2009 in Ludhiana by the founder,Dr. Karan Goel. Keva Industries is ISO 9001-2015 Certified Legal Direct Selling Company of India which isn’t like Atomy but also like Vestige Marketing and Smart Value.

Keva Diligence works in the Health Wellness sector, maximum of the products of Keva Industries Health Wellness Product. In addition, Keva Industries Pvt Ltd gives a legit Business chance for all according to the Direct Selling Guideline of India.

Keva Industries Company Profile

Company NameKeva Kaipo Industries Private Limied
LLPIN/CIN NoU74999MH2014PTC257493
Incorporation Date23/08/2014
FounderDr. Karan Goel
ProductsHealth Wellness, Agriculture, Personal Care, Food
Head OfficePlot No: 18-19, Sahnewal Road, Village Tibba, Ludhiana, (Punjab), 141120, India
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Keva Industries Products List

Keva Industries Products

After me and my team’s exploration, found that most of the Products of Keva Industries are Health Wellness Products. They affirmed that their all products are 100 Natural.

Keva Industries says, “a doctor should be consulted before treating a complaint with Keva products”. That means, don’t use and recommend Keva’s Products without Expert Advice for medicinal and medical goals.

Categories of Keva Industries Products

  1. Keva Home Care Products
  2. Keva Wellness Products
  3. Keva Herbal Products
  4. Keva Agriculture Products
  5. Keva Personal Care Products
  6. Keva Food Products
  7. Keva Health and Fitness Equipment Products
  8. Keva Energy Products
  9. Keva Electronic Items
Keva Industries Products List with Price 2022
Keva Industries Products List with Price 2022

Keva Industries Products List with Price 2022

Serial No.Product NameQuantityBV (Business Volume)MRP (INR)
1Keva Ancient Mineral Drops15 ML140249
2Keva Ancient Mineral Drops50ML400715
3Keva Aloe Vera Plus1 Liter325749
4Keva CTMD30ML400715
5Keva CTMD60ML7001199
6Keva Noni30ML350715
7Keva Solar Energy Drops50ML400715
8Keva Anti Pollution Drops30ML400715
9Keva Acidity Care Drops30 ML400715
10Keva American Ginseng Drops30 ML400715
11Keva Goji Berry Drops30 ML400715
12Keva Anti Ageing Drops30 ML400715
13Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops30 ML400715
14Keva Grape Seed Drops30 ML400715
15Keva Aloe Noni Drops30 ML400715
16Keva Co-Enzyme Q10 Drops30 ML400715
17Keva Joints Care Drops30 ML400715
18Keva Feminine Drops30 ML400715
19Keva Milk Thistle Drops30 ML400715
20Keva Stemcell Plus Drops30 ML400715
21Keva Bone Health60 Tablets, 1250 mg each6501199
22Keva Power Plus 60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
23Keva Heart Care60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
24Keva Omega 3(60 Soft Gel, 500 mg each6501199
25Keva Slim Tea250 Gm6501199
26Keva Anti Diabetic60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
27Keva Thyroid Care(60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
28Keva Menstrual Care60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
29Keva Memory Plus60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
30Keva Acai750 ML6501199
31Keva Daily Plus60 Capsules, 800 mg each7001199
32Keva Weight Gain60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
33Keva Kidney Care60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
34Keva Leucorrhea Care60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
35Keva Chlorophyll60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
36Keva Slim Fit60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
37Keva D-ToxiPlus7001199
38KEVA PILES CARE60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
39KEVA GLUCOSAMINE PLUS60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
40KEVA GANODERMA PLUS60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
41KEVA IMMUNORICH60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001299
42KEVA NUMORINGO60 Capsules, 800 mg Each7001199
43Keva Silver Plus236ml35005999
44Keva Zinc Plus60 Capsules, 500 mg each100249
45Keva Liver Care60 Capsules, 500 mg each120299
46Keva Green Tea60 Capsules, 500 mg each120299
47Keva Flax Seed Oil60 Capsules, 500 mg each80299
48Keva Hormone Balance60 Capsules, 500 mg each120299
49Keva Cow Colostrum60 Capsules, 500 mg each120299
50Keva Noni Drops30 ML120299
51Keva Spirulina60 Capsules, 500mg each50180
52Keva Neem Capsule60 Capsules, 500mg each120299
53Keva Aloe Vera Capsule60 Capsules, 500mg each90240
54Kevital60 Capsules, 500mg each120299
55Keva Anti Pain Oil50ml50150
56Keva Agro 80 Plus1 Ltr200599
57Keva After Shave Splash100ml60180
58Keva Sunscreen SPF 30 Matt Finish100ml90240
59Keva Daily Moisturizing Lotion200ml100299
60Keva Cleanser & Toner200ml100299
61Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel60gm2589
62Keva Beauty Soap100 GM1659
63Keva Face Masque100 GM100240
64Keva Young forever 100 GM100240
65Keva Fairness Cream100 GM100240
66Keva Marks Clear Cream100 GM100240
67Keva Fruit & Apricot Scrub100 GM100240
68Keva Bright Toothpaste100 GM1585
69Keva Protein Powder200gm120299
70Keva Gano Power60 Capsule, 500mg each120299
71Keva Ortho Care60 Capsule, 500mg each120299
72Keva Aloe Face Wash100 ml20119
73Keva  Foot Patch10 Patch120299
74Keva Hair Oil 200ml200ml30170
75Keva Healthy Cooking Oil1 Ltr50299
76Keva Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner13003999
77Keva Panch Tulsi Drops15ml1559
78Keva Ear Drops15ml1259
79Keva Eye Drops10ml1259
80Keva Platinum Oil15ml40119
81Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum conditioner200ml20119
82Keva Daily Care Shampoo cum conditioner200ml20119
83Keva Anti Dandruff Shampoo cum conditioner200ml20119
84Keva Hand Sanitizer100ml1585
85Keva Hand Wash200ml1699
86Keva Body Wash200ml20119
87Keva Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer15008999
88Keva Kids Chewable Tablets60 Tablet, 500mg100299
89Keva Sports Nutrition Powder200gm100299
90Keva Kids Energy Powder200gm100299
91Keva Moringa Power60 Capsule, 500mg120299
92Keva Skin, Nail & Hair Care60 Capsule, 500mg120299
Keva Industries Products Price List 2022

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Keva Industries Products List

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